The Disrupted Academy Curriculum

Disrupted Academy's curriculum is carefully chosen from a worldwide set of educational resources. Our faculty are expert not only in teaching in their own fields but also in the art of curriculum and assessment evaluation and design. Each student's program is constructed from elements designed to capitalize on a student's strengths and learning style as well as to ameliorate problem areas and build up areas of relative weakness. Drawn from work by the finest teachers in the finest educational settings on Earth, the DA curriculum gives every student what he or she needs, when he or she needs it.

At each level students are given the skills they need to flourish and to move on to the next level while learning essential content against world-class standards; our goal is the DA students will develop not only the skills and understandings but also the habits of mind to become skilled, engaged collaborators and leaders in the classroom, in the community, and in the world.

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